Whipped Cream with Peppers

Whipped Cream with Peppers In her solo show Whipped Cream with Peppers, Gabrielė Šermukšnytė returns to the life’s pivotal points as a mandatory lottery and flirts with this notion in a charming sweet also bitter manner, as though unexpectedly finding a pepper in a tiramisu mood. This feeling of a fatal coincidence lingers in theContinue reading “Whipped Cream with Peppers”


Haunted The reality in the collection “Haunted“ by Gabrielė Šermukšnytė is permeated with anxiety. “Fear, tension and anxiety become the daily experiences – so common, that one has to make peace with it. To become reconciled with demons lurking under the bed, silently whispering terrible scenarios that may occur”, says the author. This reality of anxiety,Continue reading “Haunted”